Mainline Submarine Hose With Collars

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Mainline Submarine Hose With Collars

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Main Carcass
Main Lining / Inner Tube: Smooth, oil and fuel resistant Pure Seamless and Extruded Acrylontrile-Butadiene-Rubber (NBR);
Safety Lining: special construction to prevent defects or damage cause by incidental tearing or superficial damages of the main linig;
Reinforcements: Multiple Plies of High Tensile Textile cord. One embedded helical Body Steel wire.
Single Carcass And Double Carcass

Mainline Submarine Hose With CollarsOuter Cover:Smooth black, Synthetic Rubber Resistant to Abrasion, Oil, Sea Water and Sunlight.
Fittings:End connections built in during manufacture. ASME B 16.5 Class 150lb or 300lb Weld Neck Flat Face or Raised Face on request.
Tests:All tests according to GEPHOM 2009 and Customer detail.
Standards and Specifications
Zebung single carcass hoses are designed and produced in full accordance to OCIMF standards. These products are also subjected to manufacturing and testing requirements dictated by ISO 9000:2001 quality standards.
Rated working pressure
The oil hoses have a RWP of at least 15 bar. 19 bar and 21 bar hoses are also available if specified by the customer. They are suitable for operation at an internal pressure from minus 0.85 bar to the RWP.
Flow Velocity
The linings of Zebung submarine hoses are constructed from elastomers and fabrics suitable for continuous operation at a flow velocity of 21m/s.

The submarine hoses are suitable for use with crude oil and liquid petroleum products from -20℃ to 82℃, and an aromatic hydrocarbon content no greater than 50% by volume.

Electrical Continuity
A low resistance connection will be provide with a copper wire and helix steel wire.

1. connecting sea chest and buoy on buoy system
2. rated working pressure: 21 bar
3. electrical continuity: electrical continuous or discontinuous
4. leak detection system: after the failure of the primary carcass, the detector will react to the leakage to remind the operator to remove the damaged hose to avoid economic loss and environmental pollution.
Specifications can be designed by customer requirements.

Mainline Submarine Hose With Collars

I.D. / mm Weight in air / KG O.D. / mm M.B.R. / m
9.1m 10.7m 12.2m A B
150(6”) 372/144 415/161 458/178 368 254 0.6(2.0’)
200(8”) 505/217 561/242 617/267 471 311 0.8(2.8’)
250(10”) 681/282 762/311 843/340 471 368 1.0(3.3’)
300(12”) 942/346 1052/381 1162/416 581 471 1.2(4.0’)
400(16”) 1389/592 1559/659 1729/726 697 581 1.6(5.3’)
500(20”) 1840/837 2072/928 2304/1019 799 697 2.0(6.6’)
600(24”) 2704/1254 3030/1399 3356/1544 946 799 2.4(8.0’)

12 Inch underwater tubing certificate

Underwater tubing certificate

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