11.8m Dock Oil Hose

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11.8m Dock Oil Hose

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Dock /Cargo oil hose
Dock Oil Transfer Hose Construction:
Tube: Black,smooth,Nitrile synthetic rubber,suitable for up to 50% aromatic content.
Reinforcement: Multiply heavy duty synthetic tire cord supported with helix wire, anti-static wires.
Cover: Black, wrapped finish, synthetic rubber for high abrasion , ozone & weather resistance.
Ideal Temperature: -40℃ to +100℃( 180℉)
Safety factor:5:1
Dock Oil Transfer Hose Characteristic:
C/W built-in flanges with one side fixed and one side swivel ,ANSI150 standard.

Dock oil hose is designed for maximum service life in petroleum product and refined fuel transfer at up to 300 PSI service pressure. This dock hose design is beneficial where a higher working pressure or a heavier wall for abrasion is desired. Dock hoses are heavy duty suction and discharge hoses designed to transfer between bargers, storage tanks and marine vessels. These hoses incorporate a specially formulated tube to resist media to 50-100% aromatic content., while the cover is ozone and weather resistant for a long service life. Rugged cover is resistant to oil, cuts, scuffs, and ozone attack.

11.8m Dock Oil Hose

Test Equipment: Mooney Viscosity and Relaxation Tester; Uv lamp aging test box;
 heat aging test chamber ; Ozone Aging Chamber; Abrasion Test.
Dynamic Tension Test Machine,Bending Test Machine.

Laboratory of Homologations and Tests: the prototypes developed by the team of engineering and design are subjected to multiple tests and stress tests in our own laboratory.
In this laboratory we also periodically test all products that are made here
Manufacture and own technology: once each new product has passed all the test and homologations, this happens to our manufacturing plant equipped with technology of last generation.

size I.D. W.P. Length
6 inch 150mm 10~20 11.8m
8 inch 200mm 10~20 11.8m
10 inch 250mm 10~20 11.8m
12 inch 300mm 10~20 11.8m
16 inch 400mm 10~20 11.8m
20 inch 500mm 10~20 11.8m

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