Double Carcass Floating Oil/Gas/LPG Hose

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  • Tank Rail Hose

    Tank Rail Hose

    Tank rail hose are used to connect the hose string to the tanker manifold.This hose has minimal floatation in the centre where it bends over the tanker rail, with extra flotation at each end providing hose buoyancy.The tanker connection end has a larger buoyancy unit than the outboard end to help support valve and coupling equipment.
  • Tail Hose

    Tail Hose

    The last few hoses before the tanker connection hose,the tail hose is specially designed to be flexibility to improve handling at the tanker end of the floating hose string.It always used to connect the mainline hose and the MBC to the tank rail hose.
  • Reducer Hose

    Reducer Hose

    The reducer hose is between the mainline hose with big bore and tail hose with small bore,the taper is made within the fitting at the larger end. The hose outside diameter remains same over the whole length.Typical reductions being 24/20", 20/16", 16/12"
  • Mainline Hose

    Mainline Hose

    Mainline hose forms the majority compenent of the hose string,the hose outside diameter remains same over the whole length.
  • One End Reinforced Half Floating Hose

    One End Reinforced Half Floating Hose

    Usually applications are used to connect the terminal of the single point mooring or other oil transfer installations.It acheives the transition from rigid to flexible and move the bending moment from towards the mid-section of the hose.
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