Food Hose

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  • Food suction and discharge hose

    Food suction and discharge hose

    Food grade suction and discharge hose is used for the bulk transfer of food products through suction or pneumatic systems. This food suction and discharge hoses are exclusively manufactured to preserve the quality of food products and prevent contamination from exposure to foreign elements. This hose is flexible and rugged. Excellent for suction and discharge applications. Designed with a clean white FDA tube that is resistant to animal and vegetable fats. This ultra smooth microbe resistant ...
  • Food Discharge Hose 

    Food Discharge Hose 

    The food discharge hose is recommended for the food transfer application that demands both flexibility and ruggedness with a clean white FDA grade tube. Excellent for discharge applications. This ultra smooth microbe resistant tube is built on special stainless steel mandrels for cleanliness. It has a smooth bore that encourages maximum flow rates and inhibits bacterial growth. The cover is made by flexibility and abrasion, ozone and weather resistant special synthetic rubber. It can be used ...
  • Food Hose

    Food Hose

    Extra flexible, microbe resistant, food grade suction and discharge hoses designed for beer, wine, potable water, grains, powders, flour, dry foods, oil, syrup, dairy, juices, and more. Hoses meet FDA standard
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